The Basic Principles Of whita glo

A radiographic technique utilizing contrast product to visualize the spinal column and its contents. See the Myelography web site for more information.

An organ consisting of specialised cells that produces and sends hormones to the bloodstream, influencing many procedures throughout the body.

A small amount of balanced tissue encompassing a tumor that may be surgically eradicated with diseased tissue. maxilla

A colorless, odorless fuel located in the air and Utilized in its liquefied state in cryosurgery to freeze and ruin diseased tissue, which include cancer cells.

A protracted flexible tube with a little digital camera at the end Employed in a treatment known as a colonoscopy, which captures images of the inside on the colon and rectum.

An x-ray examination that makes use of a barium sulfate distinction product to assess equally the pharynx and esophagus from the higher gastrointestinal tract.

A wire coil put round the breast that sends and receives radio waves within the magnetic subject of an MRI device to generate images.

A hole while in the partitions of the organ or framework of your body that develops from a weak place from the organ or from the deep penetrating wound because of Check Out The Product trauma.

A method by which the cervix is dilated and also the interior lining in the uterus is scraped to remove the uterine contents.

A malignant tumor, normally in the pores and skin, that develops from a pigmented lesion in excess of a period of months or decades.

A moderately critical Serious inflammation (swelling) in the intestine, In particular of your little intestine, of not known trigger, involving the obstruction on the lessen A part of the modest intestine and fewer frequently other elements of the gastrointestinal tract.

A medical professional who focuses primarily on the diagnosis and remedy of conditions and ailments related to the brain and nervous technique.

Headaches that happen in groups, or clusters, in excess of a duration of quite a few weeks or months separated by headache-free of charge intervals of months or yrs. Cluster complications include things like sharp, penetrating pain about or powering a single eye, watering of the attention and also a stuffy nose.

A type of coil, crafted from delicate platinum wire lesser than a strand of hair and available in several diameters and lengths, used in a treatment known as a removable coil embolization to treat an aneurysm (a bulge) or maybe a blood vessel malformation referred to as a fistula (a Phony passageway) that occurs in the brain and other areas of the body.

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